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The color black correlates to courage, mystery, and confidence. There is something about the intensity of the color black that makes the soul want to learn more about a person. This is why the color black Zodiac Lipgloss goes to the sign of Aries. Aries are courageous individuals who will swift you away with their sense of charm. Aries carry themselves with high dignity and class. This is a "goth" black with a shimmer of black shine added to make it sparkle on your lips. We dare you to be bold and courageous with the Zodiac Lipgloss Aries.

Mercury III likes to call the Zodiac lip glosses BOTH a lip gloss and lipstick in a bottle. Jojoba oil and carnauba wax are the active ingredients in the formula. Jojoba oil is a liquid plant based wax that matches the sebum of our own skin. As a result, your lips will feel moisturized without feeling stripped and dry. Carnauba wax is a plant based wax that will leave your lips also feeling creamy and moisturized.

How to use: Apply to your lips using the sponge applicator tip brush. For a more defined look use a lip liner to help the lip gloss from bleeding. For a look with more color intensity, apply two layers.

***Please note that this formula contains natural ingredients composed of two plant based waxes. The formula may fluctuate during temperature changes. Just rub your lips together and the product will melt smoothly into your skin.

Benefits of the Product: Hypoallergenic, cruelty free, vegan products, great for ALL skin tones, a little goes a LONG way

Ingredients: jojoba oil, carnauba wax, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Iron Oxide (CI 77499 & CI 77491)

.25fl oz, 8ml

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