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Let it hurt

     Today I want to talk about a topic that is often shamed, stigmatized, and disguised.  This topic is pain.  Pain is the root cause of many mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, and suicide.  Who would not want to wake up everyday happy and smiling.  Happiness leads to joy.  Joy leads to peace.  The ultimate utopia is a euphoric feeling that will have one feeling like they are on cloud nine.  Life has taught us that pleasant feelings are natural, and unpleasant feelings must be destroyed.  I am here to tell you that unpleasant feelings are natural, and that there is a cure to pain.  The cure to pain is not medicine, and it is not even therapy.  The cure to pain is to just let it hurt.

     Let us look at what happens when we feel pain, but we pretend that the pain is not present.  First, we attempt to convince our mind and heart that we are over a painful feeling.  When we are around friends and family, we wear a mask.  This mask often speaks, "I am ok".  However, the moment we are behind closed doors we break down, and release the tears.  The release of tears is a side effect to repression (holding something inside when it should have been let go).  This leads to a second problem, the mind begins to toggle between feeling happy or sad.  The mind forces itself to not feel sad, and to not cry.  Second, when MENTAL ENERGY IS SPENT IGNORING A PROBLEM, IT OPENS UP A NEW DOOR FOR DISEASE.  Disease is any force that causes the Body, Mind, and Spirit to be out of balance.  Instead of causing ourselves to feel better by ignoring the pain, we actually exacerbated the pain by pretending the pain did not exist.

     This leads us to the solution.  Let it hurt.  I will be honest with you.  Letting it hurt is PAINFUL in the beginning.  Letting it hurt is painful.  Letting it hurt involves crying a lot.  Letting it hurt involves letting go of people we love very much because we know they are toxic to our Spirit.  Letting it hurt involves headaches and migraines.  Letting it hurts involves low self-esteem.  Letting it hurt involves isolation.

     When you let it hurt you allow the Body, Mind, and Spirit to feel the natural emotion of pain.  Pain is a natural emotion.  Happiness is a natural emotion.  In the Spirit world, binaries do not exist.  Emotions exist for what they are.  Peace comes from accepting things for what they are, not for what they should be.


When you allow yourself to feel that pain, then you open the door for healing.



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