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July 18, 2018

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July 12, 2018

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The body was created to heal itself, reverse, and repair

August 7, 2018



One of the first hardcore truths I had to learn in my Doctor of Naturopathic program is that some people do not want to be healed.  Some people will allow doubt to hinder their ability to get well. I had to check myself on this bias thought. I realized some people have been brainwashed from the exosystems around them that they will choose to believe what they know, instead of believe what works. Despite the fact that alternative healing has the same amount of scientific backed research as modern approaches to disease, people will still choose to believe that modern medicine is the only well to drink.  Before there was a Cleveland Clinic, there were Shamans. Before there was a Stanford Hospital, there were Coptic healers. The original doctors/healers who documented medicine actually followed practices that modern society now terms ancient.


With this belief, people who have proven to offer successful alternative healing methods now become the enemy. The actual person you are trying to heal will treat you as the ENEMY. They will try to use every fact and research method alive to knock down your credibility. A true healer ignores these daggers, and still helps the client to get back to a state of wellness.


The question to ask yourself is why is the client treating the healer as the enemy?  Why?  The person has been brainwashed to believe that the body does not have the innate ability to heal itself. Let's look at the body from a Spiritual perspective. Do you think God, or the Divine source you believe in, would give us a body that is dysfunctional coming out of our mother's womb?  No, the body was created to PROTECT and HEAL itself?  It is how the human body has been able to survive through all of these tough environmental centuries. The body is always able to heal itself, and repair itself from damage.  There is no such thing as an irreversible disease. There is a such thing as an overwhelmed immune or nervous system because mucous has overwhelmed the body beyond its normal healing capacity.  


On to solutions...the second truth I am learning in my Doctor of Naturopathy program is that healing first starts with the mind. You must understand why a person believes what they believe. If they believe that something in their body cannot be healed, help them to understand it can be healed. The second step is helping them to reach the how.  The how is the easy part. Reversing the brainwash is the challenging part.

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