Let it hurt

Today I want to talk about a topic that is often shamed, stigmatized, and disguised. This topic is pain. Pain is the root cause of many ment

Healing Power of Sound Therapy

The words power and therapy might invoke feelings of anxiety.  However, when used with good intention, the words power and therapy are synchronous forces.  In a society where the body and mind are in constant motion, the brain is elevated to an overwhelming state.  When the brain is elevated to an overwhelming state, the body follows suit.  An overwhelmed brain/body leads to physical illnesses, and mental imbalance.  Yes, mental health is strongly connected to our physical health.  Even with this known fact, as human beings it is difficult to teach ourselves the concept of stillness. Stillness is a simple concept.  Stillness is the absence of motion.  Not just physical motion, but mental mot

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